How to Clean a Food Processor in 6 Simple Steps

October 9, 2018

Where the purpose of a food processor is to bring convenience and speed to your kitchen chores, one would expect it to offer easy cleanup too. If an appliance saves your time in the preparation work but takes a lot of time in cleaning up, what is the point of using it? Don’t worry, food processors does not required too much time to clean up and it can be done in only 5 minutes! Here are some easy steps to make your food processor cleaning job even simpler.

Step 1 - Separate the Parts

First thing that needs to be done is to separate all the components. Remove the bowl from the base and remove the lid from the bowl. Also remove the food pusher attached to the lid. Take out the blade from the bowl. Now you have all the various parts separated.

Step 2 - Wash all the Parts

Wash all the different parts using warm water and mild dish soap. If you are unable to clean them easily, let them sit in soapy water for a while before washing them. Avoid using abrasive material for scrubbing the parts as it may leave scratches on the surface. As for the blades, do not soak them in water. Just wipe them clean with a moist cloth to make sure it lives longer. If the food processor parts are dishwasher safe, place them in the top rack only to wash them. The parts may be damaged because of the high heat coming in the lower racks.

Step 3 - Wiping the Base

Do not wash the base or the motor unit of the food processor because the motor and the wiring may suffer damage upon getting soaked. Simply wipe it using a damp cloth. If it is hard to get a stain with a damp cloth, a little baking soda will help you get it off easily.

Step 4 - Reaching the Nooks and Crannies

Somewhat problematic are the little nooks and crannies which get left out in the usual washing routine. A small brush may be available with the food processor for cleaning such places. Carefully check all the little grooves and reach them using the brush. You may also use a bit of white vinegar to soften the dirt and have it removed.

Step 5 - Removing Smells from your Food Processor

You may find that your food processor will start smelling over time. This smell is because of all the foods that it has processed. To fix this situation you can add a mixture of baking soda and water in the ratio 1:1 to the food processor bowl and cover the lid. Let the mixture rest in the bowl for about 20 minutes before discarding it and rinsing the bowl and the lid. The mixture will absorb all the food odors and your processor will start smelling fresh again.

Step 6 - Let it Dry and Reassemble

After washing everything thoroughly, leave them for a while to dry. Once you are sure that all the parts are dry, you can assemble them back together and store them. Some food processors are designed specially in a way that all the little parts fit inside the bowl with the lid over it so that everything is safe in one place and does not get lost. If you use it regularly, store it on the kitchen counter so that you can access it easily. In case, it is not regularly used in your kitchen, you can store it in a cabinet to save it from gathering dust.

Just keep these simple tips in mind and your job will be easier than your think! If your food processor is dishwasher safe, you won’t have to worry about any cleanup at all! Just remember to place the parts in the top rack of the dishwasher to save them from the high heat.

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