How to find the y intercept of a polynomial function

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How do I find the y intercept for $P(x)= (x-1)^2(x-3)

Finding the y -Intercept of a Polynomial Function - Vocabulary and Equations y- Intercept: A y -intercept of a function is the point where the graph of the function touches or
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Graph each linear function by finding x

Finding x x - and y y - Intercepts Given a Polynomial Function. Step 1: Find the y y -intercept of the polynomial f(x) f ( x) by evaluating f(0) f ( 0). The y y -intercept is the point (0,f(0

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How to Find X

To find the y – intercept, you simply replace x with zero, and see what’s left. In function notation, that’s just f (0). Let’s see an example. Find the y – intercept of the polynomial function below.

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Find the X and Y Intercepts of a Line Using Algebra

The y intercepts of a polynomial function can be easily found by finding the derivative of the function and then finding the roots. If you have a formula to find the y

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Graphing Polynomials in Standard Form

The y-intercept formula is used to find the y-intercept of a function. The y-intercept is mainly used in the process of graphing a function. Find the Y Intercept of the Graph Represented by

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