11 Best Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews

October 9, 2018

Cuisinart, one of the earliest and most trusted companies in kitchen appliances was the inventor of the food processor and is a favorite of home cooks and chefs everywhere. Julia Child touted her Cuisinart food processor as one of the most important features of an efficient kitchen, and it has become a staple in home kitchens everywhere since. It’s founders Carl and Shirley Sontheimer were inspired by large French cookeries to create the food processor, which gave people the same ease of use and convenience when cooking at home. Cuisinart has consistently ranked highly among consumers because of its convenience and size: the ease of use, and its ability to get the job done quickly. Browse through the reviews below, and we are certain you will find that it doesn’t take long to see why this product is so well-loved. Cuisinart: The Food Processor that makes cooking fun and painless again.

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor (4 Cup)

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor (4 Cup)If you would rather pick a compact food processor for convenient performance of smaller kitchen tasks, this is the best one. Perfect for mincing herbs, grinding cheese and similar tasks, it uses a Smart-power blade which has sharp and blunt edges so that when the motors rotate it in a specific direction, it chops and when it rotates them in the opposite direction, it grinds. You control the processing with its easy-to-clean touch pad control with chopping and grinding options. All the pieces are dishwasher safe and the 4 cups work bowl is additionally BPA-free to ensure the safety of your health. The handle attached to the work bowl allows easy gripping while the spatula available with the food processor allows you to easily scrape off contents from the walls. You will also benefit from the 18 month warranty that is available for the product.

Cuisinart Pro Classic Food Processor (7 Cup)

For a medium sized family, this 7 cups food processor is the perfect size and provides sufficient power to accomplish tasks like kneading and making nut butter easily. The cover for the work bowl has a large feed chute attached with 2 sizes of pushers for conveniently pushing any size of ingredients down the chute.  The blades and discs of stainless steel that are included allow you to chop, mix, puree, knead, slice and shred most types of ingredients. The machine is powered by a tough motor capable of delivering 600 watts which gives a silent performance. The controls are quite simple to use with a single paddle which can be switched between on, off and pulse positions. The compact appliance has all its parts dishwasher safe to make cleanup easier for you. In short, the food processor is capable enough to help you out with many of the food preparation tasks and is reasonably priced.

Cuisinart Elemental Food Processor (8 Cup)

Cuisinart Elemental Food Processor (8 Cup)With a capacity to hold up to 8 cups of food, the food processor lets you prepare food in large amounts and covers all your kitchen chores skillfully. The 350 watts motor housed in the base provides sufficient power to make dough easily provided you use a maximum of 2.5 cups of flour at a time. Rubberized controls are simple to operate with only high, low, pulse and off options. Besides the BPA-free work bowl with markings provided for measurements, stainless steel discs are available for shredding and slicing different thicknesses of fruits and vegetables and stainless steel blades for chopping and kneading. With a feed tube attached to the lid, you can include ingredients to the bowl while the machine is still running.  Cleanup is made simpler with all its parts being removable and dishwasher friendly.

Cuisinart Handy Prep Food Processor (3 Cup)

Cuisinart Handy Prep Food Processor (3 Cup)This small food processor does not take a lot of space on your kitchen counter and can conveniently process up to 3 cups of food in a go. If you want continuous slicing or shredding, an ejector disc present in the package will transport the ingredients out via chute attachment. Besides the chopping blade, you also get a slicing disc and a shredding disc. You can use it to prepare a variety of dishes including soups, sauces, dressings, dips and more. Although the capacity is small, its 600 watts motor is strong enough to process harder ingredients like raw carrots and nuts. The removable parts can conveniently be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. All in all, this compact food processor is good value for money and provides high performance in a small unit.

Cuisinart Food Processor Brushed Stainless (9 Cup)

Cuisinart Food Processor Brushed Stainless (9 Cup)With a capacity of 9 cups, this food processor is the ideal size for preparing family meals and has an attractive design to make your kitchen look even better than it already is. Its work bowl with shatterproof plastic and is also dishwasher safe along with the rest of the removable components. With the appliance, you also receive a slicing disc a reversible shredding disc and a chopping blade that can be used for emulsifying, chopping, pureeing and even kneading. All the discs and the blade are made with the best quality stainless steel. The machine automatically alters the speed to achieve optimum results. The machine is powered by a powerful motor which delivers over 600 watts and is simple to operate using its touch pad controls with on, off and pulse options. An extra large feed chute attached to the lid lets you include whole fruits and vegetables to the bowl while processing.

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Processor Brushed (2.63 Cup)

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Processor Brushed (2.63 Cup)With a compact size, this food processor takes little space in your kitchen and is handy to use and clean for smaller kitchen tasks. Although it is small in size with a work bowl of 21 ounces in capacity, it is more powerful as compared to most of the other choppers and grinders. The dual purpose reversible blade made with stainless steel fits at the base of the processing bowl and chops when it rotates in one direction. When it is rotated in the opposite direction, it grinds. The food processor is simple to operate and offers just 2 controls for processing at high or low speed. All the components are dishwasher safe so that you can clean them up easily without tiring yourself and the work bowl is BPA-free for your safety. The manufacturer also gives an 18 month warranty with the appliance.

Cuisinart Food Processor (14 Cup)

Cuisinart Food Processor (14 Cup)If you cook for a large number of people and desire to cut down your kitchen time by purchasing a top quality food processor, this powerful 750 watts appliance with a capacity of 14 cups is among the best options. Its wide feed tube with large and small pushers lets the user push any size of ingredient down to chute without pre-processing them. Although the appliance lacks some fancy features like variable speeds and adjustable slicing, its simple design and durability makes it notable amongst other processors in this price range. The appliance has a slicing disk, shredding disk, chopping blade, recipe book and a spatula.

Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor (3 Cup)

Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor (3 Cup)If you are looking for a small machine to cut down on your food preparation time, this 3-cups mini food processor is the perfect choice for small families or couples. Powered by a 250 watts motor, the appliance features a reversible blade made of stainless steel for grinding and chopping and easy-to-clean push button for controls. The lid, bowl and the blades are all top rack dishwasher friendly for your utmost convenience. The appliance includes a recipe book, instruction manual and a dishwasher friendly spatula to remove food from the bowl. Its sleek design and compact size makes it a perfect addition to small contemporary kitchens.

Cuisinart Elite 2.0 Food Processor (16 Cup)

Cuisinart Elite 2.0 Food Processor (16 Cup)If you are in search for a high class food processor to fulfill the culinary requirements of a big family, this 16 cup food processor may have already crossed your mind. Powered by 1500 watts motor to process most of the ingredients quickly and with perfection, the machine has a chopping blade made of stainless steel, dough blade, reversible disk for shredding and also an adjustable slicing disk. Together with its 16 cup work bowl, the product also has a smaller 4.5 cup bowl to process smaller amounts of food. Featuring an easy to operate and clean touchpad and a 3 year warranty, this is among the most powerful and versatile food processors present in the market today.

Cuisinart Pro Custom Food Processor (11 Cup)

Cuisinart Pro Custom Food Processor (11 Cup)This food processor of 11 cups is among the most selling food processors accessible in the market. With a medium sized bowl of 11 cups capacity, it is perfect for proce0ssing ingredients to make food for the whole family or 1 or 2 persons. Apart from slicing vegetables, shredding cheese and mincing herbs, the motor is strong enough to knead dough with ease. Its wide feed tube is a good size for handling large ingredients without having to cut them first. Along with 3 slicing/shedding disks, chopping blade plus a spatula, the product is also accompanied by an extended 5 year long motor warranty and also a 3 year parts warranty.

Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor (12 Cup)

Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor (12 Cup)For buyers who need a big food processor which is powerful enough to meet all their food processing expectations, this 1000 watts food processor is an obvious choice. Apart from slicing, shredding, mixing and chopping, this processor can even knead dough with ease. With work bowls of 2 sizes: 12 cups and 4 cups, you can handle any amount of food with complete convenience. The product has a digital touchpad control with single speed and pulse setting for easy operation and convenient cleanup. The unique feature for this model is its SealTight system which maintains a tight seal between the processing bowl and lid so you may fill up the bowl to the maximum of its capacity without fearing any leakage.