Cleaning Into the Nooks and Crannies of a Food Processor

October 9, 2018

Although I use my food processor almost every day, I don’t pay much attention to its thorough cleanup except every once in a while. The usual cleanup routine is simply rinsing the pieces and putting them in the dishwasher. However, the dishwasher fails to reach the tiny spaces inside the food processor and after a while, you will notice the food debris settle on these parts. This is exactly the reason why it is recommended to give your food processor a thorough cleanup after every few uses, if not every time.

The first thing you will require is a small, thin brush which can reach all these parts which go unnoticed inside a dishwasher. I would recommend using the thin brush that comes with a baby bottle cleaning kit since out of all the instruments I tried this was the only one that reached into the locking system of the handle. Here is what you will need to do:

  • Remove all the detachable parts of the food processor and put them in your kitchen sink.
  • Close the drain of the sink and open the tap to fill the sink with warm water. Add a little dish soap to the sink and mix it a little with your hands to let the foam form.
  • Now use a soft brush or a scrub that is not abrasive, to clean the bowl. After cleaning the easy areas, it’s time to inspect the tiny crevices where the most dirt will have accumulated.
  • Turn the blade upside down and you will find a narrow space in its center where you will need to work on. Use the thin brush in a baby bottle cleaning kit which I mentioned earlier to reach the food debris in this area.
  • Besides the blade, there is also the locking system in the handle area of the bowl which we need to worry about. The problem is the same: the usual cleaning tools won’t reach this area while the food will. Using the same thin brush, soap and water, you can remove all the food remains that have accumulated in this area. You will have to move this brush up and down the shaft and in circle to get all the food out of the area.
  • If you haven’t given your food processor a thorough cleanup for a long time or ever, the food that will have settled in these nooks over the years will harden and become difficult to remove using the usual combination of brush, soap and water. However, this situation can still be handled with white vinegar. Vinegar will help soften the debris so that it may be removed easily with a brush.  
  • Once you have reached all the tiny parts of your food processor and cleaned them, rinse everything thoroughly with clean water and set them on a clean kitchen surface. Leave the parts there for a couple of hours until they are all dry. If there is still some moisture remaining, you can wipe it clean with a dry kitchen towel.
  • When everything is dry, attach them back in their places to use the food processor again or to store it for being used at a later time.

See how simple it was to make your food processor look new again just as you would have taken out a brand new food processor from a box! If you have the right tools to do it, it will not even take you 5 minutes to be done with the whole procedure.