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Tom Valentine

The photo option is the best part. I'd recommend it to any student who needs help. It work perfectly it get Everyt'ing right for me year 11 it makes the questions look easy but the layout could be better. Based off what you put in the equation line it narrows down your equation options to you don't have to needlessly scroll to find the function you need and you don't need to guess if you have the right one.

Eddie Romanowski

I understand that they want you to pay for a subscription, but they're making money from the ads anyways. But it puts a smile on my face when I open this app and finaly start to understand what I am learning. Makes it easy to solve problems but it also uses data,other wise it is good. And even it has step by step explanation.

102 Cool Math Trivia Questions and Answers

Answer: 21. The two-digit number ab stands for 10a + b since the first digit represents 10s and the second represents units. If 10a + b = 7 (a + b), then 10a + b = 7a + 7b
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20 Tricky But Fun Grade-School Math Questions

lets see – the question is – notice that .9 equals 0.9 and .01 equals 0.01 – that makes it easier to keep straight Questions is – 4.7 + .9 + .01 . Take

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