BLACK+DECKER FP6000 Performance Dicing Food Processor Review

October 9, 2018

FP6000-Performance-Dicing-Food-ProcessorBlack & Decker are most commonly known for their high quality power tools and home improvement products. They’ve now expanded their line of products to kitchenware!

It only makes sense really. The tools in the kitchen are just as important for creating a well-functioning and loving home as a power drill. Being a well-known brand gives the advantage that only the highest of quality is accepted. That’s exactly the case with the BLACK+DECKER FP6000 Performance Dicing Food Processor.

Professional and Easy

Equip with a very powerful motor, this food processor slices and dices food perfectly to make you look like a professional chef in your home kitchen. What sets this processor apart from others is its ease of use.

Different foods will be sliced and diced in no time and with accuracy. This processor is ideal for many different types of cooking techniques and meals. It also has a safety guard that needs to be disabled before use to protect users.

Included Accessories

BLACKDECKER-FP6000-Food-ProcessorIncluded in the set is everything you need to make every dish you can imagine. Various stainless steel slicing and shredding disks make it possible to mix, slice, and dice just as you need. A special dicing disk that cuts foods of all textures into 8mm square pieces, a chopping blade, and a dough mixer are included as well.

There are two work bowls that come with this food processor. One holds 11 cups, and the other holds 4. The extra wide mouth feed chute makes it easy to add foods of all types and sizes, plus it keeps things from getting messy! You don’t have to turn off the processor each time you want to add more of something.

Functionality and Aesthetics

The FP6000 Performance Dicing Food Processor comes in a black and stainless steel color mix that looks great on any countertop. It is also compactable for storage purposes if you don’t have a lot of counter space.

The heavy duty base is a great feature because it ensures that the processor is stable during use, especially with the added skid-resistant feet. The adjustable speed control utilizes the 800-Watt motor to work through whatever food material you need! It’s very easy to use and practical.

What Others Say

Users of the FP6000 performance Dicing Food Processor find using the processor to be great once they get the hang of it. It does the job expected for the price point listed, and even tends to exceed general expectations. Another positive review notes how easy it is to clean, unlike other models from other brands.

All in all, if you are looking for a heavy duty food processor that can be used for family sized or individual meals that look clean cut, this food processor from Black & Decker is the way to go. It’s various blades and rotators ensure that it has many different functions and abilities for different types of recipes. Most users who make this purchase are very happy with the results.