Best Mini Food Processor and Chopper – Reviews 2018

October 7, 2018

A mini food processor provides almost the same functionalities as a regular food processor which is chopping, dicing and slicing but takes less space. In general they are very simple to operate with only one or two control options and are simple to clean. Mini food processors are especially an asset for smaller kitchens where keeping a large size food processor won’t leave much space for work or storing other appliances.

They are also commonly called mini food choppers because they are great at chopping smaller quantities of food. Even the best mini food processor comes with motor that is not as strong as the ones that are usually present in a regular used food processor, they are only capable of performing simpler tasks like chopping nuts, herbs, garlic etc. To help you out with the selection, we presents you only top selling mini food processor reviews of this year in order to purchase the best product.

Best Mini Food Processors in Summary

 Mini Food Processor Reviews

If you cook food for a small family of 2 to 3 persons or have a limited kitchen space available and want a compact food processor to deliver the same functionality as a regular sized food processor, what you need is this 250 watts mini food processor by Cuisinart. With a small 3 cups work bowl made of BPA-free plastic, it will take very little space on the kitchen counter and perform a variety of different food processing tasks for you. It is extremely simple to use and can be easily operated even by amateurs since the control panel features only 2 buttons for chopping and grinding. The stainless steel blades is sharp on one edge and blunt on the other so that it chops when it turns in a specific direction and grinds in the other direction. You do not need to worry about food settling between the controls since its touch pad has no nooks or corners where the food can hide and can be easily wiped clean. The work bowl and the lid are dishwasher friendly so that you won’t have to waste any energy or time in hand cleaning the appliance.

Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

Created by a reputable manufacturer, this is a lightweight and compact machine which you can easily take out for even the simplest everyday kitchen chores that involve chopping, mixing or pureeing. A perfect tool for those who prefer faster and healthier meals, it offers a 3.5 cup BPA-free bowl with a convenient handle, a blade that locks onto the base and also a pour spout to pour out the processed food easily. With top quality blades made of stainless steel, 2 speed settings and a pulse option, you can use the device to perform many grinding and chopping tasks effortlessly and with perfection. Using these controls, you have complete authority over the texture of the food you want from course to fine. A drizzle basin on the lid allows you to conveniently include liquid ingredients to the contents of the container while the food is still processing. The lid, blade and the bowl can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher for effortless cleaning. This mini food processor is a great help whenever you want to chop ingredients, or make sauces or dressings. Its compact shape and cord wrap allows you to easily store it even if you have little kitchen space available.

KitchenAid Mini Food Processor

This unique and easy to operate mini food processor by Hamilton Beach is capable of performing several kitchen tasks for you that involve chopping, pureeing or mincing with ease and efficiency. You do not have to worry about any problematic twisting of the bowl or lid to lock it in place as is the case with most of the other food processors. You simply need to stack the bowl over the motor unit and the cover lid over the bowl and then press the lid to operate the machine. Along with easy operation, it also offers simple cleanup with its dishwasher safe blades, bowl and lid. Although it is lightweight and compact, but do not think even for a second that it is any less than a regular food processor in terms of performance. Its high quality blades constructed with stainless steel and a strong motor rated 350 watts can cut through herbs, onions, garlic and even nuts with complete ease. Internal cord storage lets you store the appliance even in a limited countertop space. This inexpensive and convenient appliance will undoubtedly take much of the kitchen load off your shoulders.

Hamilton Beach Stack & Press Chopper

With an elegant and compact design, this mini food processor will look great in your kitchen without taking much of your countertop space and will deliver the performance you would expect from any decent chopper or food processor. Its stainless steel blades will stay sharp and give optimum performance for several years while its powerful motor rated 150 watts can manage chopping anything from onions and herbs to cheese, vegetables, nuts and fruits with ease. Its 1.5 cup work bowl is made with BPA free plastic and has a lid that locks in place to prevent the ingredients from spilling. The lid has a control button which functions as a pulse to run the blades and achieve the texture of the food exactly as you want. The simplicity of use that this one touch control brings allows you to use it easily even for the simplest chopping tasks. The appliance offers a compact storage and easy cleanup of the lid, bowl and blades using a dishwasher. The product is also backed by a good warranty of 1 year by the manufacturer.

POSAME Dual Blade Mini Food Processor

If you want to reduce your time consumed in food preparations tasks by bringing a compact and an affordable appliance, look no further. Although this chopper has a small capacity of 1.5 cups, it is powerful enough to chop vegetables, cheese, chocolates, nuts and herbs with ease. If features a transparent work bowl made of plastic to offer easy usage and maintenance. You can control the texture you want the processed food to have precisely using its pulse function. The stainless steel blades included with the appliance are strong, durable and can be detached from the work bowl to clean the blades and the bowl easily and thoroughly. The lid, bowl and the blades may also be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher for an even easier cleanup. The base of the mini food processor has a stable structure so that it does not vibrate or move while you are using it to chop the ingredients. With its compact design and a contemporary look, it is uniquely built to fit perfectly in any kitchen outlook. It would especially work great for a small kitchen since it does not take much space to store and will prevent any clutter on the kitchen counter.

This is a cheap food processor manufactured in the USA and is specifically designed for making your everyday kitchen tasks easier while keeping the cleanup to a minimum. Additionally it is also quite compact and will not use up a lot of the countertop space of your kitchen. It offers single-touch control using pulse which is enough to process vegetables, nuts, fruits, herbs and garlic precisely as you want! With this appliance in your kitchen you have the option of preparing salsa, hummus, dressing and dips anytime you want! Its plastic work bowl has a capacity of 1.5 cups which is enough for processing food for 1 or 2 persons and is also dishwasher safe to save you from any difficulty in cleaning it up. The combined efforts of its long-lasting stainless steel blades and powerful motor will be able to handle many of your food preparation tasks with ease. Bring home this remarkable food processor and you will find yourself spending more time with your family and less time in the kitchen while still getting gourmet dishes to the table everyday!

IMUSA USA Mini Chopper

Chopping, mincing and mixing have never been easier as it is with this one-touch mini food processor. You can make your favorite recipes involving minced herbs, chopped vegetables, bread crumbs or crushed chocolates with this compact and convenient appliance. Its single touch pulse function is sufficient to chop a variety of different ingredients precisely as you want. The 70 watts motor housed in the base and the long lasting blades have enough strength to perform simple chopping tasks with ease. Its dishwasher safe work bowl has a capacity of 1.5 cup which is enough to make 1 or 2 servings of salsa, dips, pesto and more. Its uniquely designed lid has oil holes on it which can be used to include oil while making humus or other recipes without spilling it on the counter or creating a mess. After using the appliance, you can detach all the parts and place them in the dishwasher for an effortless cleanup. This mini food processor will bring versatility to your recipes, make your work easier and look great on your kitchen counter. Bring it home today and feel the difference!

BLACK+DECKER Electric Food Chopper

This mini food processor is the best appliance you can bring home for helping you with chopping, pureeing and mincing tasks that are involved in the preparation of recipes like soups, dressings, humus, salsa and much more. The compact design that this appliance has to offer is just right for small families and small kitchens. Powered by its 200 watts motor, it can quickly chop vegetables and mince herbs and garlic for you that would take a lot more time and effort if carried out by hand. One touch control on its lid allows simple operation and accurate control over the texture of the processed ingredients. The ergonomic design of the lid, allows you to handle it and manage the controls comfortably without putting any strain on your hands. Its BPA-free plastic processing bowl delivers a capacity of 16 ounces which is sufficient for making 2 to 3 servings of soup or salsa or preparing breadcrumbs, chopping chocolates and more as part of a bigger recipe. The machine also includes a splash guard which you can also use as a lid for storage if need be. All the attachments are BPA-free and also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Ninja Express Chop Food Chopper

Reduce the time and efforts that you spend every day in your kitchen by bringing home this mini food processor which comes with a unique and elegant design to suit your kitchen setting and a compact shape to save your kitchen counter space. For simple chopping and mincing tasks, it has a strong enough motor which is rated 150 watts. The strong S blade made with stainless steel which is included with the device can efficiently chop, mince and puree vegetables, cheese, herbs, nuts and more. You can choose between 2 speed options to accurately control the consistency and texture of the outcome. The lid includes a small opening to include oil or other liquid ingredients while the machine is still running. An additional whisking attachment available in the packing allows you to make whipped cream for topping your desserts while the spatula allows you to scrape the food easily from the walls of the processor bowl. Its built-in cord storage will ensure a compact storage of the processor on the counter while its dishwasher safe parts will make sure that you don’t have to face any trouble in cleaning it up.

Oster Mini Chopper with Whisk

If what you would prefer is a compact appliance to give the functionality of both, a food processor and a blender, we have just the right appliance for you. It comes with a food processing bowl of 4 cups which is capable of performing all kinds of food prep tasks including chopping, grinding, pureeing, mixing and even kneading. In addition to food processing, you can also take out the same appliance when you want to make smoothies or protein shakes because it also includes in the packing 2 blending cups each with a capacity of 24 ounces. You can blend in the same cup and put on the spout lid that is available with the cups to take them on the go.

Its unique and modern looking base houses a strong motor of 1200 watts which is capable of performing even the most difficult tasks effortlessly.  It includes Auto-IQ programs for specific blending and food processing tasks to perform the tasks with perfection and efficiency just by clicking a single button. Every component of the appliance excluding the base is dishwasher safe and additionally BPA-free. This appliance is the best one you can purchase if you are looking for a compact size and versatility of use.

Nutri Bowl Duo (Processor, Nutri Ninja Cups)