10 Best Commercial Food Processor Reviews for Professional Use

August 16, 2019

A commercial food processor has become an absolute necessity for a kitchen that arranges large amounts of food for commercial purposes. If you own a restaurant or are a part of any other food service industry and using man power for chopping, dicing and slicing vegetables and kneading dough, you should know that you are not using your kitchen to its fullest capacity and will have a far lower productivity than that of your competitors’. This is because in the fast paced world today, almost every commercial kitchen owns a professional food processor.

Since it’s not a cheap investment, you will want to make utterly certain that the commercial food processor you buy lasts long, is certified for commercial usage and covers all the requirements of your kitchen. Not all the products that go by the name of commercial food processors will survive in a commercial kitchen. Here is a list of the best available food processors for commercial use which comply by all of these standards.

Commercial Food Processors Comparison Table





Waring WFP11S Food Processor

Features: 3/4-horsepower motor, Extra-large feed tube, 120-VAC

Size: 2-1/2-Quart
Material: Plastic

Robot Coupe R101 B CLR Food Processor

Features: Induction motor, Magnetic safety system, "S" blade with smooth edges.120v

Size: 2.5 Quart
Material: Polycarbonate

Waring WFP14SC Food Processor

Features: LiquiLock seal system, 1 horsepower motor, 120-VAC.

Size: 3-1/2 Quart
Material: Plastic

KitchenAid Candy Apple Red Pro Line Food Processor

Features: ExactSlice System, 3–in–1 Ultra Wide Mouth™ Feed Tube, Hands free commercial style dicing.

Size: 16 Cup
Material: Rubber

Waring Commercial Food Processor with LiquiLock Seal System

Features: LiquiLock seal system,1 horsepower motor, 120-VAC.

Size: 3-1/2-Quart
Material: Plastic

BestEquip Commercial Double Metal Blades Food Processor

Features: Double metal blades, Input power: 400W; Speed: 850-2000 R/MIN.

Size: 6 Liter
Material: Stainless Steel

Waring WFP16SCD Food Processor

Features: Continuous-feed chute, 2-horsepower motor, 120-VAC

Size: 4-Quart
Material: Plastic

Robot Coupe Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor

Features: Smooth "S" Blade, Magnetic Safety System, 2 horsepower motor, 120V

Size: 3 Quart
Material: Gray Polycarbonate

Robot Coupe (CL50) Food Processor

Features: Larger and Cylindrical hopper for processing, Continuous Feed, 1-1/2 horsepower motor, 120v

Size: Two separate hoppers
Material: Polycarbonate

Robot Coupe Food Processor Cutter/Mixer

Features: Smooth "S" Blade, 1 horsepower motor, 1725 RPM, 120v

Size: 3 Quart
Material: Plastic

Waring Commercial Batch Bowl and Continuous-Feed Food Processor

Features: 22 square Inch of feed space, 3/4-horsepower motor, 120V

Size: 6-Quart
Material: Plastic

Hobart Food Processor

Features: Faster prep time, NSF approved, 3.5 horsepower motor, 420 rpm, 120V

Cord Length: 6ft
Material: Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Commercial Food Processor Reviews

#1. Waring WFP11S Commercial Food Processor

Waring WFP11S Food ProcessorThis professional food processor uses a high-grade ¾ horsepower motor to slice, chop, puree, shred, whip, grate and much more. In fact, you can call it a kitchen workhorse since it includes as much as 20 distinct processing functions. The work bowl is quite impressive with a huge capacity of 2.5 quarts and made from shatterproof, transparent material so that you can see what’s going on inside. The patent LiquiLock seal system between the bowl and the lid removes any odds of spillage.  You won’t have to cut the vegetables before pushing them through the large feed chute for slicing, grating or shredding. Waring gives a 5 year warranty to back its motor and a 2 year warranty to back the parts. All the detachable parts can safely be put in a commercial dishwasher for cleanup.

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#2. Robot Coupe R101 B CLR Commercial Food Processor

Robot Coupe R101 B CLR Food ProcessorThis 2.5 quart food processors lets you carry out many different types of kitchen tasks much more efficiently than by hand. Its simple on/off control with one speed setting makes life simpler and eliminates any guesswork from the task while its durable S blade of stainless steel can efficiently mix, puree, chop, blend and even knead dough for you. The motor of ¾ horsepower is skilled enough to prepare over 400 servings in only a matter of 3 hours. Additionally, you will be pleased to learn about the built-in safety features including magnetic safety system and motor brakes which keeps the machine out of harm’s way and thus protects your investment. It is also ETL and cETL listed and is backed by a 1 year warranty on parts and labor so you can make use of it without any worries.

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#3. Waring WFP14SC Commercial Food Processor

Waring WFP14SC Food ProcessorMost culinary businesses prefer keeping this economical food processor in their commercial kitchen since it fulfills most of their food preparation requirements with a set of 5 discs and blades available, each serving a unique purpose. The patent LiquiLock seal included in the unit as with other Waring food processors saves you from any mess resulting from leakage of the liquids inside the bowl and also allows easy pouring out of the contents with the blade locked in place. The 3.5 quarts bowl available is durable, scratch resistant and gives a clear view of the contents that are being processed inside it. You are not bound by the 3.5 quarts capacity because the continuous feed chute lets you handle as much food as you want. With a 1 HP motor and UL and ETL certification, you could not make a better choice than this one if you own a commercial kitchen.

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#4. KitchenAid KFP1642CA Commercial Food Processor

KitchenAid Candy Apple Red Pro Line Food ProcessorDesigned with a stylish retro look, this professional food processor can chop, slice, shred, mix and knead large batches of food without any difficulty. In addition to its extra large 16 cups work bowl which can help prepare food for several people at a time, you also have access to a 10 cups and a 4 cups bowl for preparing smaller batches. Smaller and larger sizes of ingredients can all be passed down its 3-in-1 Ultra Wide Feed tube easily without cutting them before hand. The smallest feed tube includes a ‘drizzle hole’ to include oil or other liquids while processing. The product also has a plastic dough blade which combined with its 650 watts strong motor give enough strength to knead large batches of dough at a time. The control system is a combination of a dial and a lever which gives 2 speeds and a pulse setting for processing precisely. A reversible blade is available to give two thicknesses of shredded outcomes while an externally controlled Exact Slice system allows you to control the thickness of sliced vegetables and fruits exactly as you want. It also offers a commercial-grade dicing kit and a tightly locking lid to prevent the food from spilling out of the bowl.

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5. Waring WFP14S Commercial Food Processor

Waring Commercial Food Processor with LiquiLock Seal SystemOffering a large capacity of 3.5 quarts, this commercial level food processor contains a shatterproof plastic work bowl with a unique LiquiLock seal system to make sure there is not even the slightest chance of a leakage. The motor of 1 horsepower has the ability to power over 20 different processing functions including slicing, grating, chopping, shredding, whipping and much more. A total of 5 different blades and discs cover all of processing needs easily. The feed chute on its lid is large enough to push large ingredients with the help of a food pusher without cutting them. A 5 year warranty covers for any damage to the motor and a 2 year warranty is there for its parts and labor. The simple on/off and pulse settings make it exceptionally easy to operate even for workers at a commercial setup with no prior knowledge.

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6. Happybuy Commercial Food Cutter

BestEquip Commercial Double Metal Blades Food ProcessorA commercial food processor in under $500, this is a great one you can pick which will offer you with a large processing capacity of 6 liters and features an efficient motor with an input power of 400 watts. The body is made with aluminum alloy which is not only easy to clean but will also provide optimum services for many future years. A speed dial lets you manage the outcomes of a processing task precisely while the unique blades that are made with carbon steel will not lose their shape for many years and can process meat, fruits and vegetables without any difficulty at all. Even though the capacity is large enough to accommodate many servings at a time, the design is compact and the base is stable so that food preparation isn’t the least bit problematic for you.

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7. Waring WFP16SCD Commercial Food Processor

Waring WFP16SCD Food ProcessorAn economical food processor as compared to most other food processors used in a commercial setup, it boasts a powerful motor of 2 horsepower which can carry out processing tasks including chopping, slicing, shredding, grating and pureeing a maximum of 4 quarts of food in one go. You also have the option of processing larger amounts than 4 quarts with the aid of its continuous food chute which leads the processed food to a separate container. It uses a unique LiquiLock seal system to prevent the food from leaking out of the bowl and creating a mess and additionally holds the blade in place inside the bowl for you to pour the food out of the container easily. Among the accessories that you get with the purchase of this appliance are an S blade and discs for slicing, shredding, whipping and dicing.

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8. Robot Coupe R 2 Dice Commercial Food Processor

Robot Coupe Continuous Feed Combination Food ProcessorCooking for a large number of people is not easy. The most difficult part is the preparation of ingredients which involve chopping, slicing, grinding, shredding, cutting, kneading and more. You can take the load of these tasks off the employees and put it on an efficient and powerful machine such as this one. It includes a 3 quarts processing bowl with a clear lid to monitor the food being processed. With a commercial grade motor of 1 HP, the appliance has no problem processing large amounts of vegetables in little time. Its continuous feed head with two sizes of feed chutes allow you to handle large quantities of large or small ingredients without any limitations on the capacity. The chute and the feed lead can easily be cleaned using a dishwasher. On/off and pulse controls on the base makes your work simpler while still processing food with maximum precision. With the machine, you also have access to grating and slicing disks. The product is built for long-term excessive use and is provided with a year warranty on the parts while a 3 year warranty on its motor.

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9. Robot Coupe (CL50) Commercial Food Processor

Robot Coupe (CL50) Food ProcessorThis is the perfect selection for a commercial kitchen which prefers continuous processing of food. Since it has the ability to process food continuously and guide it out through a continuous feed chute, you will never find yourself restricted by the capacity of the food processor. Its powerful 1.5 HP motor housed inside a durable metal base has the strength to process as much as 1500 servings in under 3 hours. Two sizes of hoppers make the addition of all sizes of ingredients really simple. The operation is tremendously simple with only 2 control options for on and off. With the appliance you get a slicing disc and a grating disc but there are up to 40 discs that you can buy separately to work with the food processor. Cleaning up of the components including the outlet for the processed food and the pusher is quite simple.

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10. Robot Coupe R2B CLR Commercial Food Processor

Robot Coupe Food Processor Cutter/MixerOffering a capacity of 3.5 quarts, this food processor can process for you large quantities of food in one go for preparing large servings in a restaurant kitchen or other commercial setup. Its 1.5 hp motor delivers unmatched power to process a variety of ingredients faster and much more conveniently than any other food processor would. Stainless steel blade that is included in the unit is sharp and strong enough to cut through even the hardest ingredients effortlessly. Furthermore, one speed setting eliminates any ambiguities and complexities so that even the inexperienced employees can use it without any difficulty. A magnetic safety system that is installed in the device along with the motor brakes ensures that the appliance is not harmed under an unforeseen condition. The components are all easy to detach and clean and the manufacturer also gives a 1 year warranty for the parts and labor.

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11. Waring FP2200 Commercial Food Processor

Waring Commercial Batch Bowl and Continuous-Feed Food ProcessorThis is among the highest quality and most selling food processor for professional use that will never let you be disappointed with the performance it delivers. With a robust motor of ¾ HP, it delivers just enough power to perform all the heavy duty tasks with simplicity and efficiency. Slicing and shredding disks are also available with the processor and its unique S blade made from stainless steel has a mid-inch blade for an even enhanced performance. Its extra large feed tube cuts down the time taken in cutting the ingredients before passing them through the tube. You have the option of using its continuous feed attachment if you want to process large amounts without limiting yourself with its capacity which by the way is quite generous: 6 quarts. You can also process food in its work bowl made of durable and scratch resistant Lexan. As you would expect with a commercial grade food processor, the warranty is quite generous: 5 years warranty on the motor and 2 years warranty on the parts. With the level of performance it offers together with all the accessories, it is an excellent candidate for use at a busy kitchen in a commercial setup.

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12. Hobart Half Size Hopper Commercial Food Processor

Hobart Food ProcessorThe unique design of this commercial-grade, robust food processor allows you to cut or chop fruits, vegetables and meat in different styles. All the cutting surfaces of this food processor are made for long-term everyday use and are made with top quality, durable stainless steel. Its continuous feed tube allows you to process large amounts of ingredients in one go without concerning yourself with any limitations of the capacity. Its powerful motor rated 1 HP and an operating speed of 50 RPM allows you to process 11 pounds of ingredients every minute for efficient results. Rubber feet on its base ensure that the processor does not move or vibrate even when processing at this high a speed. In addition it also protects the user from any harm using its multi-fold safety features which include triple safety locks and planetary gear transmission. For ease of operation, the food processor purposefully includes only two simple controls for on and off which are enough to handle all cutting and chopping tasks. This UL and NSF certified product is also backed by a 1 year warranty from its manufacturing company for the satisfaction of the buyer.

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