3 Different Types of Food Processors

October 9, 2018

Although they all perform the same basic purpose of chopping or pureeing the ingredients, there is a wide variety of food processors accessible in the market for you to select from. If you understand a little about the types of food processors you have the option of selecting from, you will be able to select the right one to fulfill all your food processing needs. The different varieties can be categorized into 3 main classes:

1- Full size food processor

Ideal for large families, they are available in sizes of a minimum 9 cups and provide a range of different functions. They generally come with stronger motors to perform even tough tasks like kneading dough. A special dough blade is available with it to knead dough with ease. You can make all sorts of recipes from soups to mouthwatering sauces, elegant salads and more. The large capacity allows you to prepare food for the entire family in one go without having to repeat the task. Disks are available for slicing and shredding for making salads, grating cheese and more. They additionally feature large feed tubes to add large vegetables without precutting them.

2- Mini food processor

A preferable choice for small families, these are compact appliances which do not take a lot of space on your kitchen counter. Available in sizes between 3 to 5 cups, they are perfect for preparing small servings of salads, dips and sauces. In addition to being less expensive as compared to a full size food processor, it is also more convenient to use and clean.  Along with providing all the functionalities of a regular food processor, its size makes it an ideal choice for smaller tasks like mincing garlic and herbs and chopping nuts.

3- Dual Food Processor & Blender

If you are searching for an even more versatile appliance, you could choose a dual food processor and blender. Instead of keeping two separate appliances, you could purchase this versatile 2-in-1 appliance. They feature separate containers for blending and processing and a high powered motor to perform all types of tasks from kneading dough to crushing ice. This is a complete kitchen package with all the necessary attachments for a food processor and a blender.


In short, a food processor is a must-have tool for every contemporary kitchen. Whether your kitchen is small or big, simple or fancy, you will easily be able to find a food processor which is the perfect fit for your kitchen and your culinary needs. All you have to do is to carefully select a good food processor from a reputable manufacturer so that it continues performing all your prep tasks with perfection for many years.